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The German-based House of ANDREA JANKE presents an exclusive product range of handbags and small leathergoods made of finest Végé and Osaca calf leather, simultaneously subtle and structured, precisely styled. The primary elements are the knotted shoulder straps, together with a fold and fan technique which characterizes this model and the entire collection. Perfection in finishing and workmanship, the interior with lots of compartments and pockets is similarly worked in fine lining leather.

Oustanding craftsmanship and the excellent quality of the material determine the fascination of this product line. Sensual aesthetic – significant attributes for the unmistakable character and charm of these handbags and small leathergoods.


The interior is embossed with the typical ‘Andrea Janke’ insignia, delivery worldwide in ‘Andrea Janke’-labeled cardboard boxes, the products are enveloped in exclusive dust bags. For more informations, please email to andrea.janke@andreajanke.de.

Biography & Services by the House of  ANDREA JANKE


ANDREA JANKE | The Luxury Brand - About


In 1983, at the age of 19, Andrea started her career in Paris whilst studying at the reknowned ESMOD, International Fashion University, graduated as designer and modeliste (haute couture pattern). After finishing her studies, she begans to work in her hometown Frankfurt for a German-based company which was related to Parisian ateliers and wholesalers, through this cooperation Andrea deepened her knowledge in the Parisian fashion industry.

Furthermore, she specialised in the field of product design of handbags and small leathergoods, working for the German House of GOLDPFEIL as free-lance designer, before she started to create her own label ‘Andrea Janke’ with Italian manufacturers to design her own accessories’ brand.


Since 2010 Andrea started her high-fashion blog ‘ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories’ featuring news especially about Paris Haute Couture, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week. Beyond her own brand marketing for ‘Handbag Couture by ANDREA JANKE’, Andrea’s main area is to promote ‘Paris Haute Couture Week’ with their brand presentations. For this reason, she focus a intense view onto public relations.

Custom-made clients services in the field of Fashion PR by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories are:

  • International Fashion PR for high-fashion brands: Communication and positioning strategy
  • Digital Marketing Management, Creative Direction & Public Relations
  • Social Media Management: Instagram Web Marketing – We help your brand to grow on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ a.o.
  • Corporite Identity & Branding
  • Website Solutions: Creation of a new site or blog

Social Media Sites of ANDREA JANKE are:


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                                                                                                                                                     Sincerely Yours, Andréa


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