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ANDREA JANKE presents a product range made of finest Végé calf leather, simultaneously subtle and structured, precisely styled. The primary style elements are the knotted straps, together with a fold and fan techique  which characterizes this model and the entire collection. Perfection in finishing and workmanship, the interior with lots of compartments and pockets is similarly worked in fine lining leather.
Oustanding craftsmanship and the excellent quality of the material determine the fascination of this product line. Sensual aesthetic – significant attributes for the unmistakable character and charm of these handbags and small leathergoods.



The philosophy of this exclusive line and the label is the small exclusive product range – purist in its implementation in the finely-lined tanning of the calf leather and its imaginatve, and at the same time minimalist composition with the noble material fur.
Luxurious handcrafted Attaché Pochette Bag by ANDREA JANKE consisting in a delicate and sublime manufacturing in finest Végé calf leather with sheared SAGA Mink intarisa, and refined with handpainted edges. Its‘ interior is embossed with the typical ‚ANDREA JANKE‘-insignia, composed of three main compartments and several subdivisions. The inside is realized in finest goat velour leather.

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